Services - Mobile Application

Synapses fills the gap between technology and the end user by delivering efficient and cost-effective quality Mobile Application Services.

Synapses offers advanced services in the field of mobile application development across various platforms. We are constantly engaged in raising the bar and setting higher standards for mobile applications by using the three key characteristics, i.e. anytime access, personalization and contextual use, offered by mobile platforms.

Mobile application on UI & UX Design

Our team brings UI expertise to tailor the custom solution for your mobile application. The key to success on mobile is producing an interface that is focused and powerful so the user can complete their tasks accurately and quickly. When designing a mobile app in today's competitive environment, your success rests on creating an application that users want to use.

Our Capabilities

We offer exceptional solutions for mobile application development by extracting the maximum potential out of major mobile technologies. Our major capabilities in mobile application development are mentioned below along with the tools, technologies and programming languages used by us for deploying reliable solutions for each platform.

  • cordova
  • eclipse
  • excode
  • visual studio
  • react native
  • ios
  • android